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Light it up and let the good times grow.

All products are sold by ACME Hydroponics, Inc.

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Welcome to ACME Hydroponics!

ACME Hydroponics dedicated to suppling the highest quality digital ballast in the horticulture and hydroponics industries. ACME Hydroponics store will assist you with your indoor gardening needs when it comes to selecting the best digital ballast in the market.

In addition to providing the premier digital ballast ACME Hydroponics also supplies high quality grow lights for you plants. We sell Metal Halide grow lights and High Pressure Sodium grow lights. Visit our stor today at ACME Hydroponics and we will help you light it up so you can let the good times grow.

ACME Hydroponics is the premium source for grow gear and expert grow information on the web. We are the place for information about hydroponic growing, indoor gardening, grow lights and caring for your plants. We are the SOURCE for cutting edge hydroponics equipment. We carry Advanced Nutrients, CANNA, AdjustAWings, Lumateks, HydroFarm Grow Lights, Quantum, General Hydroponics, Fox Farm, Agricultural Organics, HydroLogic, Merlin Garden Pro, Radiant AC, Magnum XXXL Reflector, Sunlight Supply, Hydroponics!

ACME Hydroponics was started by growers for growers who want the best 1000 watt digital ballast on the market.

In recent years hydroponics has increased in popularity, and for good reason! Hydroponics allows you to grow plants with little or no pesticide just about anywhere, indoors or out. Hydroponics - which literally means "water working" in latin - is simply growing plants in something other than soil and supplying all of the nutrition the plants need through the nutrient solution. Most growers utilize hydroponics indoors by creating an environment optimal for plant growth. Having the right combination of light, temperature, water, CO2, oxygen, pH and nutrients is essential and ACME Hydroponics superior selection of hydroponic supplies and grow lights and electronic ballast can help you achieve maximum results.

ACME Hydroponics is the premium source for grow gear and expert grow information on the web. We are the place for your hydroponic information about:

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ACME Hydroponics is the source for cutting edge hydroponic equipment. ACME Hydroponics is a hydroponics online superstore featuring great selection of hydroponics systems, hydroponic supplies, indoor plant lighting, grow light, environmental controllers, electronic ballast and amendments for hobby and commercial growers and professional growers. Browse our hydroponic gardening products selection with images and descriptions. We provide secure online ordering!

ACME Hydroponics is a full service source for organic and hydroponic gardeners and aeroponics. We offer an extensive and unique product range of hydroponics kit including the most advanced Aeroponic, Nutrients and Hydroponic systems in the world. We also carry a wide variety of state of the art agricultural lighting systems and grow light and metal halide, grow lamps. We have many models to choose from in all of the wattages. Whether its Metal Halide or High Pressure Sodium, weve got your grow lights along with ballast assembly, conversion bulbs and we guarantee at a great low price!

Our employees are affable and have a thorough knowledge of the products we carry by way of long experience in the hydroponics field. You can call our store for advice or you can find it on our friendly website. We have a question and answer column that is authored by a professional hydroponics grower who has already made all the mistakes for you and who can answer all your questions regarding grow lights.

1000 Watt Digital Ballast

Our web site is impressive and is easy to understand and navigate, containing helpful options, thorough instructions and cool technical schematics. Got questions on plant maintenance? Propagation? Ph? Pest Control? We'll help you find the answer to your indoor gardening questions.

We are not your average indoor garden supply company. Setting up the best possible system for your growing needs? We will help you with the lowest price 1000 watt digital ballast. A system that uses cutting edge technology? We will show you. Need to stay within a budget? No problem. Staying as environmentally friendly as possible? Our specialty and one of our main goals.

ACME 1000 Polaris Dimmable Digital Ballast

All of our equipment sold is distributed by the manufacturer themselves and is of the highest quality, latest technology, and offered to you at the lowest price. We believe in customer satisfaction and will do what we can to help you along with your growing needs. ACME Hydroponics offers the lowest price metal halide grow light and growing lights for hydroponic systems. ACME Hydroponics offers the lowest price 1000 watt electronic ballast at the highest quality.

Our low prices and selection are unmatched! We carry many excellent products to accommodate all gardeners, from traditional soil planting to the most technologically advanced hydroponic and aeroponic applications, ACME Hydroponics has it all. We offer a complete line of grow lights, hydroponics grow systems and supplies, organic nutrients, supplements and soil, growing mediums, environmental controllers, pest control and deterrence, pumps, meters, metal halide, 1000 watt electronic ballast and much more.

Lowest Price

ACME Hydroponics sells the best of everything you need to grow your garden. Featured are the products from the most reliable companies backed by the best warranties for sale at the Lowest Price. The work has been done for you when it comes to product selection. At ACME Hydroponics you will find all the tools for cutting and propagation to complete indoor lighting systems offered at the lowest price. Growing mediums, soils, hydroponics systems, growing accessories, bulbs, ballasts, reflectors, grow lights, meters and timers and climate control equipment and 1000 watt electronic ballast are all here. Our 1000 electronic ballast is priced at our everyday low sale price.